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Ultimate Woman is the number one network for empowering professional women to be strong, authentic leaders of financially sound, life changing businesses. Our goal is to help you scale your business, boost your career and become an ultimate champion.

Plan to grow: it’s your time!

What kind of business do you want to build? What is the lifestyle you want for yourself? There is nothing wrong with talking about money. You want to be profitable. You want to grow. But it takes time and expertise. Nicky Peters is an experienced businesswoman and finance consultant. She offers accountability and support for entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses and follow their dreams.

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Business Finance Consultant

Do you want help to secure funding or with managing investment for maximum benefit?

Nicky Peters runs NEM Enterprises Ltd, a Cambridge-based business finance consultancy for SMEs and entrepreneurs. NEM allows business owners to do what they do best, knowing the finance is in safe hands.

Keynote Speaker

Nicky Peters talks to audiences about how to achieve growth and be profitable in their business.

With 25 years’ experience in tech and pharma companies, she has plenty of knowledge to share about how to achieve your business goals. Book her to speak at your event and inspire your delegates to grow as professional, successful leaders.

Ultimate Woman

Are you a businesswoman?

Join a business support network for female entrepreneurs who believe women really can have it all. Ultimate Woman is a place where business women can feel proud of their achievements. It is a welcoming space where women support each other while growing professionally and personally.

Business Finance Consultant

My business finance consultancy NEM Enterprises Ltd offers financial support for business owners and entrepreneurs who want the freedom to build successful enterprises.

We reduce your risks, while letting you take them. We will help you build your business, increase your profits and meet your goals.

With experience of tech, pharmaceutical and scientific development companies, I know innovation needs freedom to flourish. I also know how cash flow issues can hamper start-ups and SMEs. As well as keeping your numbers in check, I also offer mentoring and mastermind services.

It’s easy to lose sight of where you are going and get caught up in the day to day business of running your company. I can give you the accountability you need to make sure your business is on track and you meet your goals.

Get in touch with me and let’s discuss how NEM and I can help your business.

Keynote speaker

Money talks! I talk about money and how to use it as a tool in your business. I speak at tech conferences and women in business events about profitability and how to grow your business.

I am an experienced businesswoman, finance professional and business mentor. I know about the realities of running a business. I understand how important people are to your business. Not just the people you employ, but your investors and your wider support network.

I have a clear and engaging approach to talking about money management and will make it relevant to your audience.

If you would like a speaker who can talk about goal setting, financial planning, profitability or how to push your business forward, then get in touch with me.

Ultimate Woman

I believe in growing people, not just businesses.

And growing as a person is about all aspects of our lives and the different roles we play. You are not just a businesswoman. You are a leader, a project manager and a goal setter. You might also be a mother, a daughter, a wife, girlfriend, sister, a-tidy-upper, a chauffeur, a dog walker or a sportswoman.

You play many parts. And you can find yourself asking if you’re enough. Am I good enough? Did I do enough?When your different roles pull you in opposite directions and you have to make choices: did I take the best path? We all have doubts.

We all have hopes and dreams. This is why I founded Ultimate Woman, a space where professional women can learn and grow. Ultimate woman is about personal development. It’s about making you strong and resilient. It’s a community. A support network for you to be the best you can be. To be an ultimate woman. Come and join Ultimate Woman.

Finance expert, mentor and speaker Nicky Peters brings together over 20 years business and financial experience with a strong coaching and mentoring style.

‘If you feel your business is running you rather than the other way round, I can work with you to take back control, reduce risk and increase profitability.’

With a vision to empower business owners to be strong, authentic leaders of financially sound, life changing businesses, Nicky creates and delivers relevant, person centered financial management and mentoring to committed professionals who are ready to make their dreams a reality.

Nicky is also the founder and visionary behind UltimateWoman.net; a community for professional working mothers around the globe to learn, be supported and grow.

Being a wife, mother and breast cancer survivor, Nicky is a strong advocate not just for being breast aware but also for living life everyday. She has completed the London Moonwalk twice, taken part in numerous Race for Life Events and has spoken at her local Breast Cancer Conference.

Nicky Peters is a regular contributor and panelist on Chris Manns BBC Radio Show

Uniting against breast cancer at the Moonwalk 2017

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