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NLP Practitioner & Performance Coach : Empowering Women to be Ultimate

What I Do

I deliver action orientated transformational coaching to get you in the position to rock your life.  By focusing on your needs and the life you want to create, breaking through the limitations that may be holding you back and having the support you need, you will achieve your hearts desire.

If you are looking to improve your confidence, build better relationships, become more successful in business, overcome adversity or simply love yourself then I can help you.

Who I Work With

I specialise in working with women who want to live the best life ever.  Women who are ready to step away from thoughts and behaviours that are holding them back and who understand you need to take care of yourself in order to build a successful, happy life.

Whether you are wanting support personally or professionally you will find a perfect solution including resources, coaching packages and events.

The Impact You Get

You are unique and so I work with you to deliver what you need to make the difference.  I empower you to really get to know who you are, who you want to be and the life you want to create so that you can tap into your inner strength and transform your life.  Confidence, happiness and success are yours to achieve.

Working Together

As a coach, I believe you have access to all the resources you need to achieve what you want however as a person I also knows at times you can’t see that.  Your coaching puts you at the heart of everything, it’s ‘person centered’ meaning it’s tailored to what you need, delivered in a way you need it.

Sessions are carried out online using Zoom however face to face sessions can also be booked if preferred.

Keynote speaker

Create the life you want to live…!

I talk about limiting beliefs and how you can smash through them to live the happy, healthy life you love whilst also being a great leader in a career or business you want. I speak at women in business events, tech conferences, charity events and in-house company meetings about limiting beliefs, overcoming adversity and how to step up as a leader.

I am an experienced businesswoman, finance professional and coach. I know about the realities of having a career and running a business. I am also a mum and a breast cancer survivor so understand first hand how important your physical & mental health is too.

I love inspiring & empowering others and I deliver fun, clear and engaging content which is tailored to make it relevant to your audience.

If you would like a speaker who can talk about being a leader in life and in business, then get in touch with me.

Nicky is an inspired, accessible speaker. She extracts valuable gems from experience and conveys them to her audience with humanity, succinctness and style. I recommend her highly. Penny Georgiou

Director, Access First

As a practitioner, coach, Breast Cancer Survivor and inspirational speaker Nicky Peters brings together a unique blend of personal and professional experience with a dash of fun!

‘If you feel you are not living life to your full potential or life is running you rather than the other way round, I can work with you to take back control, create balance & build your ultimate, best ever life.’

With a vision to empower women to be strong, authentic leaders in life and in business, Nicky creates and delivers relevant, person centered coaching to committed ladies who are ready to make their dreams a reality.

Nicky is also the founder and visionary behind; a community for professional working women around the globe to learn, be supported and grow.

Being a wife, mother and breast cancer survivor, Nicky is a strong advocate not just for being breast aware but also for living life everyday. She has completed the London Moonwalk twice, taken part in numerous Race for Life Events and has spoken at her local Breast Cancer Conference.

Tools & Techniques

Nicky has a Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching and is a qualified NLP Practitioner, both accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

…Nicky’s coaching style is extremely personable, relates to the individual and cuts straight to the chase… Victoria Magnall

Writer & Office Manager

Nicky Peters is a regular contributor and panelist on Chris Manns BBC Radio Show

Uniting against breast cancer at the Moonwalk 2017

Nicky is a huge inspiration.
I admire her strength, her determination and authenticity.
When I saw Nicky on stage for the first time I had no idea what to expect.
What she spoke, demonstrated her business models and professionalism I was so grateful to have been present and would definitely recommend Nicky.
Making you accountable, living the life you deserve without letting anything get in the way. Thank you for sharing your story. Sharon Callix

Award Winning Social Media Expert

Nicky is an empathetic, honest and resourceful coach. She goes out of her way to be there for you with all the ups, downs and everything in between.

Nicky has real life experience she draws on and translates into ways she can help you smash your goals.

I’d highly recommend Nicky if your looking for someone to get you to places which you’d not think possible. Jemima Willcox

Brand Portrait Photographer

Nicky very generously spoke at a charity event for me and had the audience captivated.

She speaks with the perfect balance of openness, honesty and humour. It was a noisy marquee but when Nicky was speaking, you could literally hear a pin drop.

I’m very grateful to her for her time and the amazing energy she gave. We raised an additional £1,000, purely from her speaking. Suzie Rice

Style Coach


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