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Today is Friday 13th and a day which seems to yield a certain sense of fear and doom in the minds of many.  As I write this I will be honest, I don’t know the true reason Friday 13th is such an infamous date but what I do know is thanks to hearsay with a good dose of media hype (look at all the horror films!) I too have feared the approach of this day in years gone by.

But today is different… today it’s made me think about being a victim.

How many times have you heard friends and colleagues say they are unlucky?
How many times have you said you are unlucky?

You see the little girl you can see in the picture above considered herself lucky.  She had her life ahead of her and she knew nothing of perceived fear, stress or pressure that would be put on her by the outside world.  She also had no idea of some of the ‘bad luck’ that would be the reality of her adulthood…

“parents divorce, family members dying, 3 miscarriages, 3 redundancies, viral meningitis, breast cancer, loosing money, broken bones, fighting for life post childbirth, struggling to conceive… need I go on’

But then like you, one day this little girl was no longer a child, she grew up into a woman and became a victim.

Wouldn’t you consider yourself a victim if some of those things happened to you?  Granted some of those situations may have been influenced by behaviour but in reality with a list like that it must be bad luck… and the easiest way to deal with bad luck is to give in and be a victim… right?

WRONG… you see I know that now because I am the woman that little girl grew up to be, I am the woman who choose to be a victim and I am the woman who knows it’s time to put down the baggage , be grateful for who I am and to get on with improving my life and the lives of the people around me.

Why should you care?

You should care if anything about what I have said resonates with you.  The truth is we ALL have bad things happen to us in life – that is a given and often it’s out of our control, BUT what you can control is how you react to your circumstances – YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

So on this infamous day I challenge you to change the way you think…

  • stop feeling sorry for yourself
  • stop making excuses
  • if a relationship isn’t working – do something different
  • if you don’t the way your body is – do something different
  • if your career is not moving forward – do something different
  • if your business is struggling – do something different

I’m not asking you to turn your life upside down and I’m also not expecting you to do this alone but what I do want you to do is put down the baggage, stop being a victim, take responsibility, get the help you need and take a step forward into the life you want.

Can you do that?

Nicky x