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If today was your last day, have you spent it the way you want, do you have any regrets, have you enjoyed your journey?

Twice a week I have the opportunity to attend a circuits class for cancer survivors with HCCN.  It is a great opportunity for me to get fit again but equally importantly it is a time for me to meet other survivors and people living with cancer so I gain perspective of my own situation.

My trainer is an amazing lady, she regularly kicks me up the butt to push myself more but also makes sure I prioritise movement  as the health benefits are immense.  After class yesterday she also reminded me of something which I think is worth sharing with you.

Enjoy the journey; sometimes you get so caught up in your goals & in the final destination that you completely forget to be grateful for what you have right now… you take your health, your loved ones, your life for granted

But as I have asked you before, why should you care?

Sometimes in life, things happen to you or around you that you have no control over.  The loss of a loved one, loss of your own health, divorce, redundancy, miscarriage… I could go on.

It’s at times like this that you start to recognise that you work too hard, that you don’t prioritise exercise and you don’t spend enough time with your children.  You vow to change, you make big promises and you tell yourself things will be different.  For today I am not going to debate if you do make the changes you set out to make but I am going to ask you this…

Take 5 minutes today and everyday to think about what you want.  If today really was your last day have you lived it to the max.  Have you spent time with your loved ones?  Have you been grateful for what you have rather than fixated on what you want that you don’t have.

You see to me, a real woman is someone who does her best everyday, who has no regrets and who enjoys the journey – after all right now is the only time you will ever have…

Nicky x