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So we are now a few days into the school summer holidays and what fantastic weather we are having!!

But it’s not the weather that may be your biggest concern, or the fact that the kids are already ‘bored’ but how are you finding balancing work and childcare?

Having been both employe and worked for myself, I have seen the pro’s and con’s of both and here are some tips you might find useful as you head into what should be the most amazing few weeks of the year…

Being employed generally means paid holiday and someone to cover you while you are away, but it also means limited time off and days away from home, leaving your children in the hands of someone else – paid or unpaid…there really is no easy answer to the dilemma but some things you may find work for you are…

  • playing tag with your partner as you both take time off separately to look after the kids
  • shipping the children off for a week with grandparents or other family
  • teaming up with a friend to look each others children so you limit the days off you need
  • holiday activity camps – although these can come with a hefty price tag!
  • Taking unpaid leave – it’s worth asking if you can afford it

Working for yourself on the other hand means you are in control of what you do and when and although you may be thinking it also means unpaid holiday it really doesn’t have to be like that at all…

  • change your working hours – get up early and work a couple of hours in the morning or work when the children are in bed – work your work around the children being asleep
  • involve your children in your business – OK this may not always be easy but could they do something creative that gives them a sense of pride and you a couple of hours extra!
  • team up with another entrepreneur to help each other out at work so you both get some time out
  • put systems and processes in place to work when you’re not – automation is easy now and there are so many options available to you for free and low cost!
  • develop a ‘product’ that will sell 24/7 and yes this is even possible when you provide a service
  • plan for time off – yes it can be that easy…!

Now whilst some of the above may not be relevant, I’m sure you can find something creative to help but for me there is an even bigger question that may be more relevant to you as a mum…

How do you cope with the guilt?

Yes, this has been the biggest issue for me and my clients over the years – the truth is it’s normal but it’s not necessary and it should not consume you.  If you do feel like this ask yourself what is most important for you and your family right now – be honest, accept it and find a solution that works for you.

For me the solution was to work for myself and if you want to talk some more about this just leave me a comment and remember – enjoy the summer holidays with your children…

Nicky x