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This is probably the most asked question that I have had in recent weeks… why would you move 3,500 miles away from home, leave your husband, children, family, friends, dog and start over in Dubai…!?!

Well the quick answer to that is ‘I don’t really know’ but that’s not really an answer, so to start this new lease of life for my blog, let me start with my whys…

To put things in context, I want to start the story a couple of years ago. If you know me or have read other posts, apologies for the repetition but… I was in my ‘dream job’, earning a good salary and life was good. Little did I know however that in March 2016, when I found a lump that my life would change forever.

Having gone through treatment and been made redundant, I made a decision later that year to start my own business and looking back, despite all the positives, I’m not so sure the time was right.
I’m not going to dwell on why I think that now – I will come back to that another day, but for now let me give you some insights as to why I have made this massive leap of faith.

Firstly it’s to do with money. Financially I had to do something different. It’s not that I wasn’t making money, I was but not enough. You see I didn’t just need to make money for ‘today’ or even tomorrow but I was also making up for nearly a year of being off sick with no pay. Embarrassed as I am to admit it, the truth is I did not have the right cover and when the worst happened there was no safety blanket.

Secondly it comes down to confidence. Working on your own is great, being able to work your hours, on your terms and in your PJ’s is liberating and even though there are people around you in similar situations the truth is it’s lonely and that impacted on me in a way that my confidence declined.

I didn’t believe I was capable of making the business a success and despite the events I held empowering others to be confident in themselves, my confidence dwindled. In fact as a coach supporting others in similar circumstances it made me feel worse personally – I felt like a fraud. I knew everything I was saying and doing for others was right but I was not convincing myself and I barely had the courage to admit that to myself as much as to anyone else.

Then thirdly (as I like the number 3!) it’s to do with challenging myself. You get to a certain age and although I can look back and know I have achieved a great deal, I felt like I needed to do something that really stepped out of my comfort zone… being on my own and with only me to get things done is about as far away as I could get.

So there it is, in simple terms it’s three things… money, confidence and challenge that brings me to Dubai and only time will tell how this all plays out.

As I always like to do in my writing however, I want to focus for a moment on you and why any of this may be relevant so let me break it down.

Money… ladies if you are reading this please understand it’s OK to want to make money. In fact if you don’t you really have a problem. Nothing in life comes for free and you need to make sure you are covered not just for today but for tomorrow and (as I can testify to) if the worst happens and you – or your partner becomes critically ill or dies, can you maintain your current lifestyle?

If I was covered back then, my life would be very different now…

Gents, for you it’s not so much about making money its saving and protecting it – are you being responsible?

Confidence… whether you have it or not it can be gained and lost. Make people a priority in your life and more specifically, people who big you up, motivate you and generally make you feel good. Team work really can make the dream work!

Challenge… the thing about challenging yourself is it often throws up feelings of fear so be prepared. Fear is a natural response whenever you go out of your comfort zone but it does not have to stop you going ahead despite that. Better to be afraid and move forward than stay as you are and have regret – there is nothing you can do about that. Plus remember, you can choose to step out of your comfort zone with small steps or a big leap – as long as you do one or the other and do that repeatedly then you are moving forward and who knows what you will achieve.